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Today : 2019/04/19

The 21st call for Kanoon′s international storytelling festival in English for foreign storytellers

In the name of God
21st International Storytelling Festival in Iran
Dates: From December 15 to December20, 2018
The Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults (Kanoon)

Everybody has their own stories of happy and sad moments, hardships and breaks, memories, long-lasting childhood moments, bitter and sweet moments. Each one of those stories is a lesson for life. We all narrate those stories from our book of memories to others many times to express our pains and seek sympathy or sometimes to reveal our love and joy to share with others.
The 21st Storytelling Festival is an opportunity to narrate our life stories and talk about our achievements, our lessons, our attempts and our friendships. It is a chance to express whatever makes up "My Life Story".

Festival's Motto: Leading a good life demands practice.
Festival's Approach: Living practice
Festival's Theme: My Life Story (Leading a better life, happiness & sorrow)
Storytelling Methods:
Traditional storytelling (Classic): Storytelling by narrating the story without any tools.
Creative Storytelling: Storytelling utilizing tools, visual/audio aids, etc.
Requirements to attend the festival:
Individual storytelling in the maximum time of 15 minutes (along translation)
Submitting the sample storytelling performance (the same story to attend the festival).
Observing the appropriate costume in accordance with the ethics and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran (for women)
The theme and subject of the story and its morale and conclusion should be appropriate for children and young adults.

Evaluation Criteria:
To invite the professional storytellers from various countries to participate in the festival, a primary evaluation of the stories is performed based on the following criteria:
Selecting a proper story in accordance with the Festival's theme.
Ability to apply storytelling techniques (applying body language, tone, diction, voice, rhythm, etc.)
Ability to perform an attractive storytelling to interact with the children and young adults.
Creativity and innovation (in text, performance and costume)
Kanoon's trainers will compete the international storytellers from various countries and educational workshops and specialized meetings will also be held along with the festival.
Upon the admission of the appropriate stories and excellent performance, Kanoon will pay all the expenses of tickets, settlement, food, and transportation.
Deadline to submit your stories, complete biography and the performance recording:
September 21, 2018
Festival Venue:
The Institute for Intellectual Development of Children &Young Adults (Kanoon), Tehran, Capital City of Iran
Please feel free to contact us through the following email address and telephone number if you have further questions or would like to submit your works:
Telephone No.: (009821) 88971387